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 E-Learning:  Virtual Service Delivery of Personal Visits for Birth to Three - Preventive Initiative

Virtual Service Delivery will be provided for families currently enrolled in the program.  The Home Visitor will discuss with their assigned families the preferred compatible method of communication.  Virtual Service Deliveries are personal visits with families through an interactive video conferencing platform that allows it to be two-way, real-time communication between the home visitor and parent(s), guardians, or primary caregivers and their child(ren).   

These visits are delivered using a device—preferably a computer (laptop) or tablet and a secure video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Adobe Connect or utilizing one of the following applications FaceTime/Skype/Phone compatible with parents on their caseload.  Each virtual personal visit will contain the same components as an in-home visit; the method of delivery is the only difference.

Virtual Service Delivery will include guidance by the home visitor having similar items available in his/her environment as the family has in their homes, such as books, blocks, or toys that might be referenced during the visit as they prepare in the Foundational Guide or Personal Visit Plan.   The home visitor will coach the family through portions of the visit to include: 

    * Parent-Child Interaction (which may require approved video recording in instances):  Activities such as:       

       Story reading/ Vocabulary; counting items; drawings; etc.  

    * Developmental Centered Parenting:  Discuss parent behaviors (discipline, nurturing, etc.)

    * Family Well-Being:  Discuss health, family goals, resources needed, events, updates, other.

Confidentiality:   Home Visitors should conduct virtual visits in a location that is private to consider avoiding anyone who may be able to overhear the virtual visit.