Co-Interim Executive Directors’ Welcome

Dear ECHO Family,

Serving as Interim Co-Directors of the ECHO Joint Agreement is both an honor and a privilege for each of us. We enjoy working with our staff and families supporting the educational prospects for each child served within our programs.

As the new school year begins, we are reminded of the importance of rigor, relevance and relationships within education. As members of the ECHO Joint Agreement Family, we are working with a talented staff of educators and support staff to ensure excellent program and service delivery to students with diverse needs. We believe in the potential of each child and will work in partnership with our staff and families to ensure opportunities for the children in our charge.

It will be important to provide our children with the academic and social preparation they will need to ensure individualized future success. Our goal is to provide structures to analyze student progress and achievement in order to improve educational outcomes for all students. Through a comprehensive curriculum audit, inclusive processes for development of a relevant curriculum will enhance student learning opportunities. This process will be both inclusive and engaging.

The ECHO Joint Agreement is the largest special education joint agreement in Illinois serving 17 districts. Programs are located within our districts and exist in buildings throughout the region. Through our programs, we provide a continuum of services for the children within these school districts. We are committed partners with our school districts providing programs which are second to none.

The Board of Directors is in the process of hiring a new leader for the ECHO Joint Agreement. As they work diligently to find a dynamic leader, they will be working to ensure the new candidates understands the unique profile of our Joint Agreement and will make sure the new leader is willing to lead ECHO to the next level.

Communication is a primary tenet of our practice at ECHO. We are always available to discuss any recommendations, issues or concerns. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


Dr. Margaret Longo and Dr. Lela Bridges

Co-Interim Executive Directors

ECHO Joint Agreement