150 West 137th Street

    Riverdale, IL 60827

     Phone: (708) 985-4465



    The ECHO Academic Skills Education Program serves students (aged 5 through 21), who have multiple needs, often including cognitive, language, physical, health and/or vision needs. As a Low-Incidence Program, this ECHO Program provides service to students with complex disabilities throughout the 17 district South Cook region as their supported, yet least-restrictive, effective educational environment option.

    Modified and adapted curriculum is important to the success of the EASE elementary Instructional students. Reading, math, science and social science curricula and technology are implemented based on explicit individual student needs. Specific transition (transition to adult life) services begin at age 14.5 with individual outcome goals, while the earlier curricula, self-advocacy development, and educational experiences support the eventual transition needs. The EASE School Program utilizes The Council for Exceptional Children Life Centered Career Education curricula, Unique Systems, and community based and educational activities together with the English / language arts, math, science, and social science curricula to provide high school and transition students with important knowledge and experience in authentic life environments. All curricula and activities are provided by highly-qualified, expert, caring educators to encourage optimal growth and outcomes.

    The EASE Program provides specialized supports and instruction including Braille instruction, augmentative communication supports, orthopedic equipment expertise, ongoing healthcare services, ongoing integrated physical, occupational and speech/language therapies, orientation and mobility training and social work interventions as specified by the IEP team. The goals are to foster the highest level of independence academically, socially, and functionally so that each student achieves maximal success. This program, in cooperation with outside agencies and vendors, provides wheelchair / equipment clinics and augmentative communication support to students throughout the southern suburbs.

    The EASE environments are general education school buildings throughout the southern suburbs. The students benefit in those settings from the many opportunities to participate in general education peer, social, and academic activities, including supported mainstream classes in real consideration of least restrictive environment.



    Joe Hoffman - Principal