• Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

    150 West 137th Street

    Riverdale, IL 60827

     Phone: (708) 596-2878




    The Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program provides services to students from early childhood through high school who have hearing losses ranging from mild to profound. Both instructional classrooms and itinerant services are offered to students who reside within our member districts.


    The instructional classrooms are located in the surrounding district schools. A certified deaf educator works with support services provided by a speech language pathologist, audiologist, social worker, psychologist and nurse. Instructional experiences will enhance each student’s individual understanding in the self-awareness, social and academic areas based on on-going comprehensive assessment. Specialized techniques, multi-sensory approaches, and experiential activities address the student’s individual needs.  Interdisciplinary collaboration among all educational team members is crucial in providing the students with an integrated program. Techniques or combinations of techniques in speech, language, speechreading, auditory training, fingerspelling and signs are utilized during instruction.  Our program utilizes scientifically research based curriculums including Direct Instruction, See the Sound/Visual Phonics and Fairview.


    The Itinerant Program goals focus on the development of compensatory strategies. Specifically, a plan is developed to enhance the student’s speechreading and auditory training skills relating to home, school and community environments. Programming for these students is developed by a staff member trained in the education of the deaf and hard of hearing who functions as part of the home district’s educational team.

    Inservices about the implications of a hearing loss are available to the child’s classmates, teachers and the total school faculty. Diagnostic services are available to all districts through the referral system.



    Shannon Horton - Program Principal